Tuna Universitaria do Instituto Superior Técnico made its official debut on March 20, 1993 at the time of the 1st TUIST - International Festival of University Tunas of IST, a popular feast which took place in that year in Instituto Superior Técnico's campus, at Alameda.

As a result of its journey, T.U.I.S.T. is now an institution that is proud of its past and lays the foundation of its behavior in their historical memory. For this purpose, it has become a non-profit association, thus gaining a status suitable to its nature, projects and ambitions.

Since its debut, T.U.I.S.T. experienced a great evolution, for which have contributed the dedication and commitment in preparing each of its many performances. It is important to refer the hundreds of friends who, identifying themselves with the work and purpose of TUIST, have motivated and supported us over the years. Therefore, it is not surprising that, in addition to its historic capital, TUIST maintains the same behavioral standards since its foundation, thus continuing to be recognized as one of the most reputable Tunas of our country, Portugal. 

Among students, engineers, graduates, masters and doctorates, TUIST already has more than 100 elements that even after finishing their courses, still maintain a strong bond with the group. It is because of this experience and accumulated knowledge, that TUIST recreates itself constantly, maintaining a consistent and healthy respect for its origins, traditions and the entities it represents, not forgeting the innovative spirit and irreverence of the new generations.

While defending the academic traditions, TUIST aims to reach as many people as possible with its spirit and music, always exalting the name and prestige of its school and its city, Lisboa. 

Possessing a strong desire to travel, a characteristic of tunas, TUIST has had numerous appearances in many events in some of the biggest stages throughout Portugal, as well as some tours abroad (France, Italy, Netherlands, Peru, Spain, United States of America, Venezuela, Germany), never forgetting its Institute , its Academy and the City of Lisbon.

Every year, T.U.I.S.T. welcomes new members, hoping to expand its ranks, begining a new journey of learning and of cultural and social experience of those, like us, that share the taste for Socializing, Academic Spirit and especially music! 

  Address: Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisbon
Email: tuistmail@gmail.com | mail@tuist.pt